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Some feedback from our lovely customers!

Don't just take it from us how amazing Miracle Moss is, listen to the most important people..our customers! We love hearing how our customers use our moss and how it works for them. If you are happy for us to post your review then please email it in to us! We also re-post reviews regularly on our instagram page so stay tuned!

I applied the Miracle Moss to my face last night on a bad patch of skin with risen bumps and OH MY GOD!!! My skin feels so smooth and the bumps have gone down dramatically!!! I can't believe this stuff. It's bloody amazing, I cant wait to see what its like after using consistently!

Evangaline Thorpe

Gerrards Cross 

I just can’t thank you enough for my ‘Miracle Moss’. It most certainly lives up to it’s name! It had an immediate ‘satiny and smooth’ feel once applied and felt unbelievably refreshing. After removing this product from my face I felt the benefits immediately... it was like an instant face lift. I can guarantee that I’m going to be purchasing this product again and again without fail...I’m genuinely hooked!!

Di Clarke 

High Wycombe

My face has been becoming quite dry recently however I've always had a quite oily complexion specifically in my T zone, I genuinely feel that my complexion is a lot more balanced since using the moss, my skin isn't dry however I feel that there is just enough oil which is fab! After I have washed the mask off, my skin feels lovely and smooth with a slightly tightened feel. After exposing my skin to sun this week, it felt really soothing and cool on my face after a day outside. The lumps of the moss makes it feel so natural instead of the drugstore masks that aren't necessarily natural at all. I would 100% recommend to a friend.

Georgia Bell

Hyde Heath 

I am a daily coffee drinker and would usually start my early mornings off with a black americano and breakfast pastry. I used to be an avid juicer however since I had a career shift last year I found that I needed something to wake me up quickly in the mornings and get me out of the door.

I can honestly say that since replacing my Morning  coffee with my honey infused miracle moss smoothie, it has not only benefited me internally but externally!
My skin is much more supple and less dehydrated and most importantly I feel full up until 1pm just having the moss infused smoothie for breakfast as opposed to a coffee and pastry which would only sustain me for around 2 hours.

I’m yet to try this on my face as I mainly wanted to use this infusion for my smoothies, however  I will be re ordering the honey for my smoothies and will try the Amazing Aloe for my skin.

I love this product and also the eco-friendly packaging which will find another use once it’s empty :)

Aisha Bobb